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I love TV. I’m not afraid to admit it. I know it’s cool to be above it and too smart and too busy and to only read and whatever… I am not any of those things. I look forward to fall season premieres when my old friends come back and entertain me once again. I’m always impressed by well written characters and my favorite shows tend to have one in particular that I watch for. They are usually funny in an oddball kind of way. They can also just be really attractive…I’ll fully watch a show for that, too.


New Girl– I’m actually not a huge Zooey Deschanel fan but New Girl is hilarious, mostly because of Schmidt. He’s the best written character on TV right now in my non professional opinion. He says all the douche bag stuff no one is allowed to say. Here is his letter to his favorite women on TV. Enjoy:)

Parks and Recreation– I love shows that expose the hilariously awkward people hanging around city programs. Genius. I’ve had some of my best real life weirdo interactions at CPR trainings, jury duty, and the DMV. A show that hits on this is definitely up my alley. I mainly watch this show to see Ron Swanson.

gotta love that:)

Heart of Dixie– Here’s where I should be perfectly clear about the fact that I don’t have particularly high standards for what I watch. This show isn’t exactly award-winning material but it is like having a new romantic comedy every week. And who doesn’t love that? One of the male leads has the same name as an ex of mine…not ideal but I make due. Also, the main female leads are 30 so that makes me happy. Oh, and I love Rachel Bilson’s clothes and it’s important to set personal goals.

Chicago Fire– I don’t have to explain myself. I’d watch this crap on mute.

On the Chopping Block:

Modern Family– I get bored with most shows after a couple of seasons and I wasn’t grabbed by the end of last season or the premiere. Maybe it’s because Lily is actually physically painful to watch or it’s just a natural time to wrap it up. Either way, it’s still early and I’m sincerely hoping they prove me wrong! It was one of my former favorites.




Dark Horse:

Emily Owens M.D– I had no intentions of watching this show. Absolutely none. But it was one of those I can’t sleep at 1AM and Hulu roped me in. What an unexpected delight! I’m shocked by how much I enjoyed it. Emily is a wonderful lead and the right amount of pretty without being unbelievable in either direction. She plays a brilliant doctor who hasn’t outgrown her awkwardness and her inner dialogue is hysterical. Plus there’s a love triangle brewing between Emily and two very hot doctors. One of which looks exactly like a different ex of mine… this a theme I should be concerned with? Anyway, it’s a very smart and charming show that I highly recommend watching!

What about you? What are you watching?

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18 responses to “TV is my friend”

  1. We love watching The Wire, Modern Family, and How I Met Your Mother. They are all sooooo good!! The Wire is possibly the best show I’ve ever seen. It literally makes you fall in love with bada$$ gangsters. “I LOVE OMAR AND BODIE! Oh wait… he just killed someone… oh, well!” How I Met Your Mother has been a love of mine for a long time. It’s got every element of life as a young adult. We keep getting the DVD sets for Christmas and such and then we’ll watch the entire season in as little as one night! It really is addicting!!! Maybe I’ll have to start watching New Girl in order to get all this Schmidt business…

    • Ok I tried to watch season one of The Wire but I couldn’t take it hahah. It is an amazing show but i started dropping f-bombs all the time and had a very vivid dream of killing my roommate’s boyfriend with an extension chord over drugs. Had to cut my self off:(

      • oh my gosh!!!! I guess that’s the sign of a really good show… but I totally get not liking that intensity!! I had to stop watching Weeds when it got scary! I hated it!! And you are so right about the f-bombs creeping up like never before…

  2. Sharon norris says:

    Me? I prefer the gory ones: NCIS and LA…. CSI NY, Blue Bloods, and Tom Selleck makes that easy to watch except since I am officially on Medicare today, I have a hard time staying awake !!! When I feel like I want to crawl in a hole and cry, I turn on the Hallmark channel…. All just a little different than yours, Cindy!!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Sharon! I’m a total wuss when it comes to TV and movies. I wish I wasn’t but its true. However, I did catch an episode of Blue Bloods with my dad and it was entertaining for sure. Do you watch Rookie Blue??

  3. Alecia says:

    I relinquished the remote control with my wedding vows, so my play list is usually limited to whatever happens to be on ESPN or the History Channel, (will they never run out of WWII stuff?) Throw in a smattering of HGTV and the Food Network or an occasional chick flick and I’m a happy camper. Haven’t watched a sitcom or serial drama in years, and, sorry, I haven’t even heard of any of the shows you listed. Oh, I did love the Sing-Off but now it’s off-off:(

  4. CR says:

    I’m with you… I love Fall! I read and I’m busy but I somehow find time for my favorite shows! Revenge! Oh goodness it is so good. And I look forward to the Amazing Race like crazy. Parenthood brings me to tears every week. Not sure how they do but true story it happens every week! Dang. But by far the best thing on TV is Downton Abbey. If your not watching it, shame on you! I do however have some problems with your TV analysis! First of all I have no idea how you cannot say that Heart of Dixie is a quality show! I haven’t come across such phenomenal acting in a long time and with a lead character named after a fruit! it doesn’t get much better. The clothes really are just darling. While Lemon’s are not my style I can’t deny that she looks Amazing every week. All this and it is what I would consider a PG show- hard to find these days! I think you should stick with MF. Your Lily comment made me laugh bc it is so true. I mean how did Full House end up with the Olson twins and Modern Family get’s the monotone/not funny kid? But I still find myself cracking up each week! Keep watching my friend!

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      I forgot about Parenthood! And I was just saying the same thing- I cry every single episode. Every one! It’s ridiculous. I love Downton Abbey but I watch it online and am waiting for season 3 to post. Do you watch it live? What season is on right now?

      • CR says:

        Well technically DA doesn’t air in the states until January. But it is airing in the UK right now so you can watch it online. But I’m dine with waiting till January bc its not like I have anything else to watch then anyways:)

  5. Megan Gray says:

    I can’t believe you and CR listed all of my favorite shows except my addiction to almost everything on Bravo! I love me some Andy Cohen and his programming, like Flipping Out! Parenthood is so good already this season, Revenge is going to be even more crazy this year from what I have read and stick with Modern Family it won’t disappoint. Grey’s Anatomy is so intense already but I have been invested for so many years I can’t look away. The fall is always a great time to curl up on the couch with coffee and enjoy some quality TV!

    • What is Flipping Out?! Makeover show?? If you like Grey’s Anatomy you must watch Emily Owens, MD. It’s sooo good! Promise!:) And I fully agree- fall is a great time for curling up with coffee:)

    • CR says:

      Megan- I am trying to stay loyal to Grey’s but ugh! It is such a downer. I think I will record them all and then watch them all at once so I can fast forward thru most of the episodes:) Revenge, Heart of Dixie and Parenthood and by far my favorite shows. I have to watch them on the night they air, All other shows are hit or miss. I watch them when I have time. xoxo

  6. Laura says:

    i watch WAY too much tv. waaay too much. I told the bf I was going to make an Excel spreadsheet of which ones come on each night of the week. Most are stupid and pointless, but they’re my guilty pleasure after a long day of grimy, cheeto hands and screaming 7 year olds.

    and of course, i totally agree. Lily on MF is 100%, absolutely physically painful to watch. get a cuter kid, people!! and one who can act! I also watch Hart of Dixie, but mainly for the same reasons. I want to BE her, have her hair, have her clothes, and her figure. And I can’t decide who’s sexier, George or Wade. I think I’m leaning towards George.

    I’m with Megan, I think MF will get better, and I, too, watch Parenthood, but it was on the chopping block, too, til this season. Looks like it might get better. Revenge blows me away every single episode. Wanna watch Chicago Fire too so I need to start from the beginning. Also watch The New Normal and Partners (because it has my girl in it, Sophia Bush) but they get B- and B+ respectively. Just watched Nashville’s premiere Wednesday, and it too gets a B-.

    And one last confession: I watch Switched at Birth (made for high schoolers) but mainly because it’s about the Deaf Culture, and I’m a speech pathologist and into that kind of thing. And I’ve learned some sign language from it, too!

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      Laura! Thank you for your shared honesty with TV! I love you! :) An excel sheet is a great idea! I will have to check out switched at birth as you are the second person to highly reccommend it. PLEASE watch Emily Owens, MD. You will love it. Promise!! Oh and George and Wade! I can’t decide, either! I go back and forth constantly. It was Wade and now he’s being lame. ..

    • CR says:

      Laura- I heart Switched at Birth so so much! My entire family is so into it and I am such a sucker for shows that don’t have HS characters who look like their 25!

  7. […] to spend more of our income on GOOD food, and less on other things. For instance, I’m not a TV hater (shout out Cindy! haha), but we do not own a TV at the moment. We are saving money by not paying […]

  8. uootsie says:

    I’m so jealous you can watch TV… I’m currently trying catch up on last season and this season of Once Upon a Time. I Just finished Project Runway All Stars, and I have my trusty Alias DVD seasons that I brought from home. But with crappy internet speeds, watching one episode of anything online takes forever, (and I don’t think I have any friends who can use drop box to give me shows). But anyway, I just wanted to say that I was having a hard week here so I decided to open my blog reader and between this blog and Jamie the Very Worst Missionary… my mood is totally lifted! So Thanks!

    • Wow, that would be hard:( I like project runway, too. But the all stars drove me crazy because I CAN’T STAND Michael C!!! Thoughts??
      Very glad to hear my blog lifted your spirits a little. That means the world to me and makes it all worth it. And the missionary blog is hilarious!!

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