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Book Club: Paris Letters

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It happened again! That thing where random things connect perfectly:) On Saturday I was thinking I needed to find a new book to read. On Sunday my faithful reader-grandma-theologian friend, Alecia recommended Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod. Since February is the month of all things love and Valentines, what better time to read a real love story? (In stalking the author’s blog for a few minutes, it appears this is a story of how she met her man).

The book comes out tomorrow.  Coincidence?? No, it’s actually just the careful planning of her publisher. If you’re in, finish up by February 28th. I have a feeling this will be a quick read and the perfect way to enjoy the month:)

je t’aime!



Movies, Diets, and Quests

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Do the seemingly random things in your life ever connect and lead you to a conclusion? I love when that happens. It’s one of my favorite experiences. Someone should make a word for it.  I should make a word for it….hmm… I got nothing.

Anyway. We’ll start with the movies.

Please go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I go to the theatre exactly one time a year. At Christmas. When my dad pays for the whole family.  I went twice in the month of January, both times to see the same movie. You can guess which one. Apart from being visually beautiful with an incredible soundtrack, it compellingly tells the story of a man who loved the idea of travel as a boy, but was unable to get anywhere b/c of his responsibilities. He is finally forced to go abroad and has a life changing adventure. My favorite part is that he is also rewarded for the life he was faithful to all along. (PS email me if you saw it b/c I have a hundred thousand other tangents I could get real nerdy with)

OK. With that in the backdrop comes the diet.

The fireman took me to the movies. He’s awesome like that. He also took me to yummy restaurants where I ate like a queen. Then the buttons on my jeans became sharp. Not actually sharp- I checked. They are still perfectly round buttons. But somehow, when I look away, they become tiny knives that dig into my stomach.

Soooo, I have 20 days left of a cleanse (a food one..don’t get all concerned on me). Just know, I’m getting serious over the next 20 days as a kick-start.

Which leads me to how the movie and the diet all relate to quest.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty makes you think about who you are meant to be and the very real cost involved in becoming that person. I would like to be a writer. It’s my quest for now and I have neglected the opportunity  (AKA only blogging every once in a blue moon). Since I’m getting on track with health over the next few weeks, I decided to get back in the habit of writing by blogging every day for the next 10 days.

WARNING: No promises on quality, folks. Going for quantity.

As always, thank you for reading!


PS What’s your quest? I’d love to hear.

PSS What do you think about incidentarelate or correrandom??? …I’ll keep working at it.



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Came across this and loved it. Please enjoy. (originally on blog.mapita.com)




Had a little cualacino and goya with good friends on my front porch last night. What about you? Experience any of the above words lately?