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30 Days of Pure Barre: Part II

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It’s the second part of my challenge! If you missed the first part, read here.


Day 16: My friend Keturah joined me for the first time today! Also, I’m sooooo tired. All the time.


Day 17: I’ve figured out Newton’s strategy. She comes late to every class. I do mean every. She only grabs part of her equipment, and since it’s kept in the back next to the good spot, when we go to stretch she goes for her equipment and then stays in the prime spot! #Genius #Evil #Imontoyou

women are evil


Day 19Pure Barre now feels like a habit. Working out has gone from an “if” question to a “when” question. They say 21 days makes a habit and for me, it’s proving true. I can tell my muscles need a break but I’m determined to make it to day 30.


Day 20: My friend Amy tried out PB for the first time, along with Heather and Jody!


Day 22: The 30 day challenge has meant I’ve had to schedule everything else around class. So far, this has been mildly annoying. Today it became very annoying when my brother and sister-in-law invited me to stay with them and their friends for free in a Vegas suite! It worked with the fireman’s schedule. It worked with mine. Oh wait, no it didn’t. I can’t leave the state or be gone for longer than 23 hours b/c I have to “work out.” I AM NOT THIS GIRL.


Day 23: Guess who cut me off in the parking lot? You guessed correctly. Newton.


Day 25: I’m enjoying the challenge. It’s been hard at times, but I’ve loved feeling fit and making it part of my life. The instructors work with you and push you to not give up. (Even when you’re begging to take your own life;) Also, the girls who come regularly look amazing…it’s good motivation. My plan after the challenge is to take a day or two of rest and then continue going 5-6 days a week.



Day 26 Today I learned the hard way that Pure Barre and wine do not mix. A friend came over while visiting from San Francisco and we had wine with our lunch. Nothing crazy. An hour later, I discovered that blood circulation is quite real and quite powerful. Never again.



Day 27 The natural conclusion is that I have somehow ended up in an alter universe episode of Seinfeld and Newton is my Newman. Today, she forced me to hold the bathroom key for her. Just put it in my hands and walked off without a word. As I stood there, holding the key in disbelief, my annoyance turned to slight admiration. Does she have special powers? Does she always get her way? Tell me your secrets!!!


Day 30 (Text Exchange)

Fireman: LAST DAY OF PURE BARRE!!! I’m so proud of you!

Me: Thanks!! It’s true!… I actually feel kind of sad, though. Haha …Somewhere along the line I started looking forward to the Pure Barre  part of my day! I don’t want to take tomorrow off… Never thought I’d say that!

pure barre grip socks



5 Top Health Tips

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Hey friends! In January I joined Rough Fit, an incredible fitness company in Orange County.  I’m a month in and already feeling and seeing changes! To share the love I’ve asked co-owner, Greg, to guest post for me with his Top 5 Health Tips. Please enjoy! (and sorry for the strange layout. Having formatting issues this morning) 
With the first month of 2013 coming to a close, a lot of the fitness resolutions are starting to lose their vigor. But this doesn’t have to be your story.  I tell clients, that your health journey lasts a lifetime. And you should grow healthier and healthier as time goes by. If you go all out in the beginning, there is a tendency to burn out, lose motivation, and revert back to your unhealthy habits.
I encourage you to focus on making sustainable changes. And every week… every month… every year… become a healthier, fitter you! I am still growing in my health journey, and it continues to be really fun, rewarding experience.
To give you a little direction, here are my 5 Top Health Tips to take with you on your journey.
7a36e6b627ce03cbbc4e36f062f429b81. Focus on Quality – We often see people focusing only on how many calories they put in their body. This often leads to a poor nutrient profile filled with diet foods, diet sodas, chemical substitutes and not nearly enough vitamins and minerals. So focus on eating natural, nutrient rich foods! That means veggies, fruits, true whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. The more you fill your body with the healthy foods, the less room there is for anything bad!
2. Learn as much as you can – The old saying, “knowledge is power,” is definitely true when it comes to health and fitness. More than any other industry, the health industry is flooded with myths and misinformation. So do your best to avoid getting caught up in the latest diets and fads. Instead, learn why veggies are important, how to read nutrition labels, what to stay away from, and much, much more!
3. Find activities that you enjoy and be consistent – Do you want to know the secret to exercising? It is all about finding something that you enjoy. Now you might say that you hate all exercise, but I don’t buy it. There is something out there that you will enjoy. And maybe it doesn’t end up being the exercises themselves, but being able to workout with friends! Try hiking, biking, swimming, or even paddle boarding. If it keeps your body active, and you enjoy it, DO IT! When you enjoy what you’re doing, you will do it, you will be consistent. Simple as that.
f5fc9a10b20674c53411025e64f5e7f94. Stay positive with group support – Attitude is very important when it comes to health. Staying positive is a big part of being successful. So look at all the things you GET to do, and GET to eat, instead of thinking of having to avoid this or that. Being part of a group is also very helpful to keep you positive and motivated. Having a great support system around you not only makes the journey easier, but more fun!
5. Sleep and De-stress – Lack of sleep and stress are huge roadblocks when it comes to weight loss and a healthy metabolism. This is a sure way to feel grumpy, irritable and derail the healthy changes you are trying to make. So get to bed early, relax, and don’t worry so much.
I hope you find these tips helpful and you continue to your journey towards optimal health! If you have any questions, please post in the comments and I will do my best to answer.