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Trip. Trip.

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In the middle of the health saga, I got an email from my youngest brother, Matt, that simply said,

“I think you need a trip”

I knew instantly he was right. Traveling has always been a great source of inspiration, reflection, and plain old happiness for me. I hadn’t had much of that lately and it was time to schedule something to forward to. I clicked on the accompanying travel deal link he’d sent and turned to my friend/co-worker, Sullivan, sitting next to me. All it took was, “Want to go to Ireland?” and before long, we were off.

I don’t delude myself into thinking anyone wants a play-by-play of our vacation. Instead, I’ll give you short highlights from our three cities.


Overall Impression: I found Dublin friendly and spirited. It was exactly how I pictured it in the best way- rolling green hills, live music, and cobblestone streets.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


My Favorite Thing: The pubs! If only the bars here were half as fun as the ones in Ireland….







Overall Impression: It’s a large, busy city with tall beautiful buildings and adorable house-lined canals everywhere you turn.

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My Favorite Thing: I loved the vibe in the city. It feels modern and open-minded. I was thankful for the escape and chance to ask myself why I think a certain way or do certain things.




Overall Impression: Charming and upscale. They spare no expense in Copenhagen! They burn candles at the table, set out fresh flowers, and wear real furs. The food is made with the same touch and tastes incredible.


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My Favorite Thing: This meal. Smorrebrod: An open face sandwich paired with homemade schnapps.

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Also, biking through the city.





Overall, if I had to pick one favorite spot from the trip it would be the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Standing on the edge gave me exactly the feeling I flew thousands of miles to experience.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


Since it was winter we had the cliffs all to ourselves. Sure. We were covered in rain, but it was totally worth it.  I highly recommend traveling in December over July.



Aside from skipping the crowds, you get to see all kinds of Christmas Spirit! It’s unreal.


 Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen







I had such a blast with Sullivan. We turned to each other on several occasions and said, “Is this real life?!”


I wouldn’t change a thing.



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A Valentine’s Story

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So I was all set to post a little cartoon video. Short and Sweet. Then a story happened that seemed a) too good not to share and b) oddly similar to pre-chosen video.

There are two things I know to be true about myself.

1. It is impossible for me to fly without something interesting happening. Usually, it leans more toward calamity than fortune, but either way, I ALWAYS have a story from my flights.

2. Seattle is my lucky in love city. I can’t go there without some small thrill. It’s the weirdest most frustrating thing. (frustrating b/c I live thousands of miles away and have less luck here)

So my story.

Sunday I boarded a plane for Seattle. In the row next to mine sat a nice looking gentlemen who seemed to notice me, too.  We did the eyes and the smile and the small stuff.  When we landed, he nodded  a goodbye.

Airports in general have a buzz about them, don’t you think?  So many people going so many places, it’s hard not to wonder, will I ever see this person again? I was pretty excited to see the friends I was visiting, so I rushed away to meet my ride, Amy outside.  Hug, dinner, run the next day, coffee, lunch, shopping, and eventually my last night in town.  We headed out to dinner followed by a drink at Kings Hardware. We walked in and there.he.was.

The guy from the plane!  #sleeplessinseattle #thisismyluckycity #ithoughtmyplanestorieswereover


We chatted a little, both surprised to run into one another. He lives in Seattle. I don’t. I say I’m in town visiting and to see about a job. He says he hopes I move and that Seattle could use more girls like me. Smile. A friendly goodbye and I return to my friends.

Next day. Fly home. Layover in Oakland that reveals a Facebook message from guy from the plane!  He admits to typing my name and city in and finding me.

The rest? Well, none of your business:) I do have some boundaries.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

Before you start thinking anything along the lines of me being oh so suave, you should know (thankfully after talking with plane guy) I noticed my butt was wet when I stood up to use the restroom. What the heck? I couldn’t figure it out. Until I returned to my seat and saw that my jacket was also wet. Someone had spilled pickles on my chair. PICKLES! I sat in pickles. AKA the most stinky and gross food on the planet.

Not hot.

We called it a night.

XOXO, from Seattle

XOXO, from Seattle


Frequent Flyer

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If you’re wondering if I sprung for an expensive ticket to Dallas (by way of Oakland, by way of Albuquerque) the answer is no.  Direct flight smhirect flight (that worked in my head).  Why do it that way when there are adventures to be had on every leg?

First of all ladies, if you want to know where to meet men- it’s definitely early morning at John Wayne Airport on a weekday.  It’s like Suits meets White Collar every where you look.  Thankfully, I stopped flying in lounge wear back in high school but I cannot confirm or deny that I wore the french braid I slept in.  I came away empty-handed. Next time I’ll be prepared.

Leg 1: My seat mate was handsome and helped me with my bag. (+)  He commented on how heavy it was. (-) Shoes and hair tools. Get me every time.  Anyway, before the plane took off he received a text:

Dana: I’m sorry for my part in our breakup.  I feel like we need to talk . What do.. (Then I stopped reading b/c I was afraid I’d get caught. *notice not b/c I felt guilty snooping)

What he did next shocked me.  He read the text exactly one time.  Closed it. Opened up some Sports App and started checking scores! Just like that!  REALLY?  No writing back? No phoning a friend for help? No scrolling through pictures of you two looking great together on vacation?!  NOTHING?!

It got me thinking about how differently it seems men and women handle breakups. In my experience, women seem to understand the gravity of the breakup the instant it takes place where appears to sink in for guys over time.  They are happy to be away from the drama while we are focused on all the good parts of the relationship that are now lost.  They focus on the future while we over analyze every detail of the past.  Somewhere, around a month later, the tables turn.  She realizes all the b.s. she put up with and he realizes he had a really great thing. I could be wrong. But I did come across this on Pinterest (very reliable source) for additional proof;)

ya.. pretty much.

Back to the plane, he powered down his phone and read a magazine.  An article called, “The Well-Hung Boy Next Door” to be exact.  I opted not to use this as starter for small talk and we parted 15B and C as strangers.

Leg 2: Meet Ronaldino.

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I.was.fascinated.  It wasn’t simply that he had on a gold metal vest over a tie-dyed tank, it was that his wife and granddaughter were dressed totally normal.  Who is this man? I wondered.  Is he just your average grandpa with a tendency to shine? Some cultural difference I don’t understand?  Unfortunately, we didn’t sit together and I never found out.

Leg 3:  I always feel for moms traveling with babies.  I can’t imagine.  I chose to sit by a couple and their baby figuring I could handle the crying.  Instead I got a taste of what’s to come:

Stewardess:  Can I get you something to drink?

Mom:  Yes, I’ll have a cranberry juice.  And can I get a water for Max (baby)?

Stewardess:  Sure, water and cranberry juice.

Mom: Ya, I make Max’s formula with water. I don’t like to give Max milk. (continues on and on about formula)

Stewardess:  (impatiently) Oh..that’s nice. Yes, I can bring him water.

Mom: Thanks! Max appreciates it.

Me: (in my head) Why do you keep calling him Max?  He’s cute, but no one know his name, lady.  Babies aren’t offended by pronouns. At least I don’t think they are…

Dad: Really? Why do you do that? Why do you have to tell everyone everything?

Mom: Don’t be mean to me. That was not an over-share!

Dad: She doesn’t care how you feed… (Fight begins)

Me: (Headphones on) Being single has it’s perks;) 

Happy to say I made it to Dallas in one piece and celebrated the heck out of my friend Bree’s wedding! She is an incredible person and it was a beautiful and joyful day!