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Cindy vs. Morning

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Hello there!

It’s been too long… As I berated myself for the hundredth time for never blogging, the fireman suggested I just start and not worry about coming up with something amazing. Then he sent me a blog idea- an entire blog devoted to coffee! I’ve reposted her Coffee vs. Tea post below:)

Will this post change your life? Ehhh..probably not. But it’s fitting since I’m starting at the beginning. What gets me out of bed every day? It’s not family, love, God, or my passions. I hopefully live for those things, but truly the one thing that gets me up is coffee. In my head, I make the same deal every single day- if I get up, I can have coffee. It’s my one tried and true habit.

I try to make it at home to save money, but some days end up at Starbucks to save time. At which point I regret my decision and silently curse the folks in front of me ordering decaf lattes, or worse- frappacinos. Don’t they understand 6am-9am is about survival? This isn’t Treat-Yourself-Time. It seems reasonable that they should be allowed in past 10am.

Anyway, below are the benefits of drinking both coffee and tea. Don’t you just love anything that tells you your daily vice is good for you?!

P.S. My favorite mornings are when the fireman surprises me on his way home from shift with a coffee delivery.

Not kidding.

What gets you out of bed?



Happy Friday!

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Hope you are enjoying the first weekend of spring! Here are a few of my favorite finds for starting off the new season.

1. This candle I’m not crazy about the jar, but the fresh, clean scent more than makes up for it. ($12.99 at World Market)

2. This quote:

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. …They went out and happened to things.” Leonardo Da Vinci

3. This recipe: California Quinoa Salad. Easy and delicious. (Best part is- you can get everything in one stop. If that one stop is Trader Joe’s. Also, I’d cut the recipe in half.)

4. This shampoo & conditioner, ($24 at Ulta. Worth every penny.)

5. This print. I saw it and had to have it while working with Kayla Adams (designer of many beautiful things, including olivemepost.) Be warned- the print is an odd size, so framing is a bit tricky.

6. These shelves. Custom built for me by the fireman. You’ll have to snag one of those if you want some;)  (There are online tutorials, too.. If you’re up for a spring DIY)

photo 1

 Top photo by: multitude of passions, bottom photo by: my iPhone;)