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Great Outdoors

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Like many of you, I am recharged by the outdoors and am grateful I got the chance to get away to the Sierras this past weekend. Far from cell service, traffic, and a crazy schedule, I slowed my thoughts and took in God’s creation. It had been far too long since I’d lost my breath over stars, the freezing temperature of a lake, or power of the rain and wind. I know these experiences are gifts, but when you’ve gone without, they can also feel like needs. John Muir said, “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”  I agree. I needed to come home with chapped skin, knotted hair, and a little pee on my shoes. I needed the reminder that for all man’s accomplishments, nothing has come remotely close to matching the beauty God has created.

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display his craftsmanship.” Psalm 19:1

Photo by the Fireman


Sleeping Together…as in Sleeping Together

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Friday night conversation with friends

Bride-to- Be:  I’m sorry you all have to travel to the wedding but I’m so glad you are coming!   Did you book your hotel?

Friend with boyfriend:  Yeah, we did.  It’s going to be fun to get away!  Do you think your parents will care Jason (b.f.) and I are sharing a room?

Enter long conversation about how friend with b.f. doesn’t have sex with boyfriend but finds booking two hotel rooms expensive and annoying. 

Bride-to-Be:   First time Luke and I went on a vacation we booked two rooms fully knowing we’d share one and not have sex.  We wasted money just for appearance sake.  It seems stupid.

Growing up, I was led to believe that people who went to bed together had sex. Bottom line. If you were a couple waiting for marriage, you didn’t share a bed.  Turns out, it’s not only possible to sleep together without having sex- lots of couples do. Be it a late night at your apartment or weekend traveling, it’s just easier to sleep together.  Money is tight and vacation is awesome!

Still, my friends and I never really talk openly about it. Unless it was camping. Apparently nylon sleeping bags helps people feel better about the situation.  Oh, and having the TV on is a pass, too.  

Which begs the questions- what’s the point of the rule?  What exactly are those against couples sharing a bed against? Since God knows what goes on, what does He think?  And my real question- is there a hidden cost for this type of intimacy? I tried to research (aka google) studies on bonding while sleeping.  All that came up was help for  bonding with pets and children. Literally, bonding with a hedgehog came up third but  nothing about a romantic partner.

What do you think?