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00991ef96cbedfc9d0f4abdf6d8bcad5Thanks for the positive feedback on the Red Flags!  I know this is directly after a R.F. post, but I am sitting here with my roommate Melody and we can’t wait to roll out another platform for your enjoyment (and hopefully participation).  The credit for the hashtag #Ishouldveknownwhen goes to Melody.  We use it around our circle to describe the moment you realize it’s not going to work out with someone. (Unfortunately, all of us have ignored it a time or two) I’ve had several friends send me their #Ishouldveknownwhens and here are the first ten.


  1. He asked me to drive an hour to our first date
  2. He wore more jewelry than me
  3. He wouldn’t sign-up for a trial gym membership because three months was, “too much commitment”
  4. Thanks to Google I discovered he is famous in the gay blogging community as an underwear model
  5. He introduced me to his cats. Plural.
  6. At dinner he referred to me as his “sister-in-Christ”
  7. He has a girl best friend
  8. After our first date he invited me to Thanksgiving
  9. He had more Instagram selfies than a fourteen-year-old girl
  10. He said he had a special Italian spot in mind for our first date and then dropped a pin at the Olive Garden


And so the girls don’t have all the fun, one of my favorite #IShouldveKnownWhen came from my guy friend: He should’ve known when she said,  “Don’t worry about all the arm scratches, they are from my bunnies.”

Now it’s your turn! #IShouldveKnownWhen anywhere you like to hash or email me:)



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8 responses to “#IShouldveKnownWhen”

  1. Erin Thiele says:

    #IShouldveKnownWhen he said he forgets to eat breakfast and lunch…and dinner sometimes too. WHAT? Oh hell no. I can’t eat more than you. See ya later weirdy.
    Love you and miss you woman!! :)

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      Hahahahaha…bad form. I’ve eaten more than my date once, too. Felt terrible.
      I miss you, too!! Loving the pictures of Jet…Just want to pinch his cheeks!!! <3

  2. Jason Brown says:

    Don’t judge Olive Garden. Those breadsticks and salad . . . . Friends that are women: healthy. A female best friend: adios. Solid advice.

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      It’s true! Those breadsticks are second to none. When my friend told the story, it was more about his build up to it being this “special little spot” that had us laughing. But..I’d be happy with it:) Maybe b/c I’m from Banning. Who knows. And good point about guys having healthy female friendships- that’s important. I’ll admit, it still gets hard not to be jealous depending on the situation.

  3. Elise says:

    He invites you to his sister’s wedding…before going on one date.
    Says you’re dating after hanging out 3 times

  4. Alecia says:

    He said his mama was his best friend. Sweet. But. No.

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