Happy New Year!

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I recently stumbled upon the above quote where I do all my deep reading, Pinterest. I couldn’t help but think about how true it was.  2012 was a little rough. I wound up living back at my parents’ house, jobless, single, with no signs of change on the horizon. It was in that year I asked a lot of  whys -Why that relationship?  Why this location? Why this situation??  2012 was absolutely a question-asking year.

Thankfully, 2013 provided answers. Leaving one job meant I could eventually take a new one in March. Living with my parents meant I could save, work on the book, and later move into a great living situation with two of my best friends in June. October brought my niece and my birthday.  As I blew out my candles, I remember thinking, I want for nothing more.  My heart is full. A few weeks later, being single meant I could meet a fireman;) … Turned out there was still room in the year for him;)

Lots of answers to lots of questions. Here are a few of my favorites:  (In the form of an acrostic. Because I am a dork.)


Niece, Hannah– Swoon….

Exciting trip to the South! -XOXO Laura and Molly!:)

Work- I’m thankful every day.


You, Me, OliveMePost- Thank you for reading!

Every minute with my family and friends

A Few Fav. 2013 Finds: Bar, Pure Barre, Orange Ginger Wash, the Wet Brush

Reflecting on God’s grace, faithfulness, and extravagant love.


Writing these types of posts is always a bit difficult because I don’t know what kind of year you’ve had. If this is a question-asking year, hang in there. Answers will come. If it’s a question-answering year, I celebrate with you and challenge us both to be present in the moment. Life is full of ups and downs and they all lead us somewhere.

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6 responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Alyssa says:

    Perhaps 2014 will bring you another trip to the south!! :)

  2. Alecia says:

    Holy cow! You met a fireman? We DO need to have lunch!

  3. CINDY!! I love this short and simple post. It says a lot. It’s been both a question and answering year already. 2014 will be my scariest/best/newest-version-of-me year yet… of my entire life. (long email to come, I think!!!)

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      Thank you! I need to get better at that kind:) We need to catch up very, very soon my dear. I miss you and am thinking of you!

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