Emily Owens M.D.

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Last fall I recommended everyone watch Emily Owens M.D. in my post about TV.  If you’re my friend in the non-digital sense, I more than likely forced you to watch it and then checked up to make sure you had. It’s amazing (if you are a late-twenties, early-thirties girl who appreciates smart inner dialogue and a love triangle between two very excellent candidates).

If you took me up on watching…. you know may or may not know….it was cancelled. CANCELLED.  It’s the worst and I don’t want to get into right now. I do want to know if you’re team Micah or team Will and why.

The upside to this post is my friend Morgan has a close friend named Kelly, whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the years. She’s witty, an excellent writer, and hysterical. She also happens to be a writer’s assistant on Emily Owens M.D.  She also happened to have made me EXTREMELY HAPPY by sending over gifts from the show!

You guys.

I legitimately lost it. I was so excited. The only thing I could think was this must be what little girls feel like when they meet Disney princesses…

Here is what came:


A really excellent clipboard that says, “I’M A MESS. BUT AT LEAST ALL OF MY STUFF IS PERFECTLY ORGANIZED.”

Inside were a bunch of hilarious goodies.


My favorite was the prescription pad.


It’s hard to read, given my hurried iPhone non-photo taking skills, but the options for treatment are:









And my favorite part- Emily’s signature! I saw it, and probably shouldn’t admit this, but for a moment I thought she was real. Which would be great because I’d like to believe we’d be friends:)

Ok, that’s enough fantasy talk for one day. Kelly also sent this drink set and…

Kelly, anytime, open invitation, I’d love for you and I to put it to use in real life! THANK YOU for making my day!!


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14 responses to “Emily Owens M.D.”

  1. Sharon Norris says:

    I think I was late in watching it but I liked it! Kelly gave the stuff to the right person!!!!

  2. Diana Mueller says:

    I’m so sad!!! I had no idea it was cancelled. I really liked that little show. Sigh. …and I was rooting for Micah :-) …although I totally got the Will thing. Enjoy your Emily swag!

  3. Christy says:

    I was soooo upset it was cancelled! I heard that Emily is Meryl Streeps daughter…is that true?

  4. Sara says:

    I think. I Just. DIED!

  5. Team Micah all the way!! He’s so cute and sweet and it didn’t take the fact that she might be interested in another guy for him to figure out that he liked her! I’m so sad that this show is gone :(

  6. Team Micah all the way! It didn’t take the fact that she might be liking another guy for him to know he liked her! And he’s super cute, so yeah, that’s always good. Will was great too but the fact that he could date the other girl (I’m blanking on her name right now) makes him less appealing to me.
    SO sad this show is over :(

  7. CR says:

    No brainer, team Micah! Duh! Im supper giddy for you right now;)

  8. Jenalee says:

    I never watched, but heard it was a hilarious show! Now I’m glad I didn’t watch, since it was cancelled!

  9. how cute!!! This made me want to watch the show… but I suppose now it’s too late…. but we have netfilx!!

  10. Annette says:

    What the what!!!! That’s SO stonkin awesome! I can not believe they are gonna cancel it! I am team Micah, he is so sweet like candy :).

  11. Laura says:

    i just discovered (thanks to a friend) that I have OnDemand (and have had now for 8 months unknowingly), so now I know what I’m going to do over spring break next week. Helllllllooooooo hours of Emily Owens.

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