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103653228894994061_ttK1JmcM_c[1]Time for my first giveaway! This one is for the ladies. Men, you are welcome to play along. I don’t judge…but I’m assuming most of you won’t.

My DecemRED Lipstick Challenge is the culmination of a few different thoughts swirling in my head:


I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic since my Halloween Post. Where does it come from? Why do women feel the pressure to be pretty? Why do I sometimes like beauty and other times resent it?

Since Red Lipstick is a quintessential beauty go-to, I thought wearing it might be an easy and interesting lens with which to explore the topic. I don’t know what I’ll get out of the experience, but I have a feeling some insights will surface. Plus the holidays are the perfect time to get fistive and kick it up a notch:)

Few fun facts about the color red:


Why should guys have all the fun? There are some nice parallels between beards and red lips. Some guys love the excuse to show off their hair growth hormones, while others feel self-conscious about their lack thereof. Women have similar feelings toward embracing a bold lip. A few of us have been waiting for an excuse to try it, while others hate the idea all together. An elite group of you already wear red lipstick and must find the whole idea silly.

You+ Me

DecemRED is a simple and fun way to interact with my readers outside of the blog! I get excited just thinking of us doing something together in the “real” world. Especially those of you I don’t get to see that often or have never met in person.

The Challenge:

I’m going to wear red lipstick every day for the month of December. (Yes, I’m starting a few days late. Yes, I’ve been wearing it the last few days). I have to wear it everywhere. No excuses. I’ll periodically blog about how it feels, reactions, and insecurities, etc.

You can play along by doing the same! You don’t have to wear it every day to join in. Try wearing red lips out for one day, a week, or the whole month. If you have followed my blog or liked my facebook page, you can enter into a drawing every time you:

  • Send a pic of you in your red lipstick- post to the facebook page, Instagram (@olivemepost #decemred), or by email at
  • Send me a story of your experience. It doesn’t have to be long, just a few sentences about how you felt or what happened.

Each time, you’ll go into the drawing to win this necklace , in “Apple Red” of course, by 31 Bits!

photoIf you are looking to do some Christmas shopping, check out 31 Bits!! Their designs are fabulous and every purchase supports women in Uganda. I’ll also be donating to World Vision’s HIV program for each entry since red is the awareness color and December 1st was World AIDS Day.

I lead a small group of amazing girls on Thursday nights and I adore them! Maggie attends and has already joined the challenge. Her story is below:

I didn’t have any red lipstick besides some super old stuff from about 5th grade that I used for dress-up. So I went to Wal-Mart with my mom to buy some (whilst wearing my super old lipstick of course). I found a red lip stain by Maybelline and decided this would be better than the lipstick.
I took off my lipstick and put on the lip stain in the car on our way to the next store. I don’t know if you have ever used lip stain but you are supposed to put it on clean lips and you have to let it dry before you put the gloss on top. I didn’t do either of these things. As we got out of the car my mom says to me, “WOW that’s bright. When December is over you can put that in the Halloween stuff.”
Thank you mom. Now I feel ridiculous.
In Best Buy four different workers asked if I needed help with anything. I’m not saying it was the lipstick, but really? Four? At the television section of the store another young man asked if I needed help with anything. I said no but my mother proceeded to ask him a question. The entire time he was answering my mother’s question, he was looking at me! ( Not going to lie, this made me feel pretty good).
After shopping, we went to dinner and this is where the lip stain drops the ball. By the end of the meal the color had chipped off around the outer edges of my lips and it looked disgusting! Over all, I honestly can’t decide if the red lipstick made me more self-conscious or more confident throughout the day. It definitely had its moments and I felt more noticed but at the same time I was constantly thinking about my make-up.
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9 responses to “DecemRED Giveaway”

  1. CR says:

    Well I am a very festive person so I’m totally going to try this out. For me I would say its more about getting into the holiday spirit by flaunting some RED LIPS and I always love shaking things up a bit;) I do wish however we could also enter by Instagram and not just FB:) Just thought I would throw it out there!

  2. Jenny Dong says:

    I love this! I look forward to reading your blog each time I see a new post :) BTW I heard you and Jake were talking about my recent obsession with Hart of Dixie…thanks for the recommendation! Oh and I am totally team Wade :)

    • Ah! Thanks Jenny!! I wanted to immediately leave the game and ask you about Hart of Dixie…but I thought the would frown on that kind of thing;) I’m totally with you now- team Wade. I about died when he said he’d see her only<3
      Will you be at Greg’s party? Hope so!! We didn’t get to catch up at the last one!

  3. Laura says:

    I wear red lipstick on the daily. also all-year round. lighter shades in the summer time, darker shades in the winter. Revlon’s “Really Red” lipstick in a black tube is my staple. I get compliments on it every time I wear it – never fails. Flight attendant once, lady at my local gas and water dept, etc. I recommend it to everyone.

    Two funny (probably only to me) stories:
    1) my mom started MAKING me wear make-up in the 6th grade. (I’m from the south- okay? It’s standard) When I wouldn’t wear lip color, she would say I looked like I had the flu, and would roll down the car window when I was walking into my middle school and yell, ” LIPSTICK!!!!”. I was mortified and therefore started wearing lip color then. I never stopped.

    2) My mom would never put makeup on to take my sisters and me to school, but she would also put on red lipstick. She would say that when she would see the other moms in the carpool line- they couldn’t tell that she didn’t have any makeup on, or that she had on sunglasses OVER her glasses- they just saw that red lipstick. Nothing else mattered.

    • LOVE all of this:) You are in fact one of my few friends that can pull off the red lipstick on a daily basis. You always look beautiful!!

      The story from 6th grade was hysterical. I can picture the whole scene haha. Did most of your friends wear makeup at that age? I can remember experimenting with a color called raisin in jr high but more so without my mother knowing;)

      After wearing this stuff for a week, I can definitely see what your mom was talking about! The red lips gives the appearance that everything else is pulled together, even when it’s not! Kind of like high heels!

      Here’s my question: how many times a day do you have to reapply and check to make sure nothing is smeared? I feel like I’m constantly having to fix something.

  4. I can honestly say that I will not be doing this. I WISH I WAS. And my reasons are beyond lame. But the number one reason? We have a good friend (like, see her and her husband at least once a week!) and she wears red lipstick all the time. I don’t want to feel like I’m copying her? Lame, lame, lame, I know. Also- I know I’d feel silly. I think YOU and many others have a look that can pull this off!! And I also really appreciate this theory that any girl can pull it off and feel glamorous… it kind of reminds me of T Swift’s opening line in Begin Again… “Take a deep breath in the mirror, he didn’t like it when I wore {red lipstick}, but I do…” But would be a week late in starting it and wonder the entire time if more of it was on my teeth than my lips!! Cindy- if I try this for a fancy dinner or something I will let you know!!!!! I want to see pics from every single day you do this :) haha love it.

    • I so want yoi to play along! I was looking forward to your insights! You only have to do it for a day to be entered. The more pics and stories you send, the more your name goes into the drawing. I find the most interesting days have been the normal ones where I’m forced to think about how I feel about my appearance at the grocery store, work, gym. If you run into your friend you can totally blame me! Plus, I’m thinking you will look stunning!! Ok…that’s enough pressure for one comment

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