Cindy vs. Morning

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Hello there!

It’s been too long… As I berated myself for the hundredth time for never blogging, the fireman suggested I just start and not worry about coming up with something amazing. Then he sent me a blog idea- an entire blog devoted to coffee! I’ve reposted her Coffee vs. Tea post below:)

Will this post change your life? Ehhh..probably not. But it’s fitting since I’m starting at the beginning. What gets me out of bed every day? It’s not family, love, God, or my passions. I hopefully live for those things, but truly the one thing that gets me up is coffee. In my head, I make the same deal every single day- if I get up, I can have coffee. It’s my one tried and true habit.

I try to make it at home to save money, but some days end up at Starbucks to save time. At which point I regret my decision and silently curse the folks in front of me ordering decaf lattes, or worse- frappacinos. Don’t they understand 6am-9am is about survival? This isn’t Treat-Yourself-Time. It seems reasonable that they should be allowed in past 10am.

Anyway, below are the benefits of drinking both coffee and tea. Don’t you just love anything that tells you your daily vice is good for you?!

P.S. My favorite mornings are when the fireman surprises me on his way home from shift with a coffee delivery.

Not kidding.

What gets you out of bed?


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10 responses to “Cindy vs. Morning”

  1. Alecia says:

    Sometimes I dream about coffee (even smell it) just before I wake up. I’m so glad it’s good for us again! As for a fireman who brings you Starbucks on his way home: keep him. (If you can clone him you will be a rich woman:)

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      Me, too!! Glad I’m not the only one!

      ..I should work on that clone thing… The world could use a few more:)!

  2. keturah kennedy says:

    I recently bought a Nespresso machine for my bedroom so I don’t even have to leave my room before my first cup of coffee. Some may say I have problems…I prefer to think of it as solving a very important problem – “how soon can I get coffee after I wake up?” The answer? Approximately 4 minutes.

  3. jbairj says:

    I agree with the fireman. You should just write and not worry about coming up with something amazing because, you just talking about anything is brilliant. You always make me laugh.

  4. Jason Brown says:

    I make that deal, too, Cindy. I love waking up to coffee. I like tea, but let’s be honest . . . if tea suddenly died, I’d sniffle. If coffee died, I would no longer have a reason to get out of bed.

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      Yes. EXACTLY!! With tea- I’d be sad for my loved ones that love it…but not for myself. Coffee…it would be a life tragedy.

  5. Heather says:

    Cindy, I was just thinking the other day how it’s been awhile and I miss reading your posts! Glad to see you’re back! I agree with everybody else – just keep putting down your thoughts; it’s always fun seeing what you have to say or share whether or not it seems significant at the moment, so just keep it coming anyway. 😉

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      THANK YOU! I appreciate the encouragement. Between lack of inspiration and busyness, it’s so hard to stay on top of! I’ll keep plugging away:) Thanks for reading!

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