Cindy vs. Computer, Finite Mind, Hallmark Channel and Other Things

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Hello…. So I have all these goals that include posting 3 awesomely impressive blogs a week. It hasn’t happened once.  The problem I’m facing this week is spelled out quite literally in my title. My computer has died a slow death. What writer needs one of those? Also, I’m working on my second to the last chapter and I am not creative and/or smart enough to do both blog and book at once. Also, Christmas movies. They are just so wonderful.

One of them actually led me to quite an epiphany. The scene goes man and woman (played by Jesse Spano, might as well be her real name) are on their first date. Both of them are working multiple jobs but have big dreams. In these movies the dreams are ALWAYS the same- eco-friendly architect, owning a small business (think cafe or flower shop), or opening a charming bed-and-breakfast.

Anyway, as the woman chatted passionately about her dream cafe on main street, I realized that she was going to make it! Things weren’t looking good for her, but I new by the end it would all turn around!  (Holiday movies end well every time, typically after things go badly on Thanksgiving. The leads spend Christmas alone and sad only to reunite epically on New Years Eve).  As I sat there, glamorous in my pajama pants and flannel, I realized, and may or may not have said to an empty room, “Me too! I’m living my dream! Right now!”

Broken computer, writers block, and lack of full-time employment in all it’s glory, folks! I’d been so focused on navigating the challenges that I missed the overall picture.  It may not look like much but it all makes me very happy. In this season of thankfulness, I feel truly lucky and blessed to be on this journey and you are the most important part of it.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and supporting me in my own version of a Hallmark classic. I can’t tell you how it feels when one of you says something I’ve written has impacted you, made you think, or encouraged you in some small way. It means more to me then you know! I hope you are going after your dreams in some way, too.  Tell me how or simply what you are thankful for.

Here is my friend Melinda’s blog on going for it.

Wow. Too.Cheesy. I.PROMISE.To.Get.Out.More.

Just as soon as I’ve finished 12 Men of Christmas. Realx. It has like 12 minutes left.

Speaking of dreams, please watch, enjoy, and promptly pass on this video. It’s the holiday dream of my very good friends to go viral and make it on the Ellen show. I recommend watching the whole thing b/c there is animated food at the end. Who doesn’t love that? You should check out Sara’s music and Greg’s writing, too. What a power couple, huh?

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16 responses to “Cindy vs. Computer, Finite Mind, Hallmark Channel and Other Things”

  1. Stephanie says:

    I just have to tell you how excited I am to read your blog everytime it flies into my inbox. It’s my favorite piece of email.

    • Wow! Thanks, Stephanie! That is so sweet. I’m always worried people take it as spam:) I’ve heard you are a great writer! Please, please let me know if you ever do a blog or anything I can read!!!

  2. In the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while… you could miss it.” Well said Ferris and well said Cindy. I too feel like I’m living the dream, but the moment I get caught up in the details I feel more like I’m being caged in by trees rather than hiking through a beautiful forest.
    Keep writing, Cindy. Even though you may never see all the fruits of it, the world is blessed when you share your gift.
    Good reminder today!

  3. Jody Eilts says:

    My guess is you will see all the fruits of it, Cindy!
    And that movie is great-I think I’ve seen it before??
    Oh, also, I love how it always plays out “epically right before New Years”…classic! And totally my dream 😉

  4. Alecia says:

    I am a total Hallmark junkie and I loved that movie! (all of them!) I knew there was a reason I liked you…well, lots of reasons, actually. And Greg and Sara rock. Power couple indeed.

  5. Cindy- wow! Once again, we are on the same page and this blog came at a perfect time to speak me. I just did a sort of “Cindy inspired week off of computer stuff” and it was very very needed and good. I lived a little (or a lot… ahh) and didn’t even THINK about all of those goals that sometimes seem so out of reach. But THEN all of a sudden, I am having this great morning and catching up on your blog (which I missed) and realizing that same thing… that I am already living my dream. The every day progress of what it is (writing, working hard, finding inspiration, having time to enjoy things) is in fact the dream itself. One day the “real” dreams will come true, but that doesn’t mean that this part isn’t real life or what we should be doing right now. And those darn Christmas movies will allllways be in the way haha They’re too good. Thanks so much for this blog :) as always, you’ve made my day better with your awesome words!!!

  6. Heather says:

    That’s awesome Cindy. Your life does sound like a Hallmark Christmas movie – only more exciting since it’s not cheesy and predictable, it’s real life. I love it! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and keep living your dream. Or should I say… have a Hap Happy Thanksgiving!! 😉 (Go Sara and Greg! Can’t wait to see your video hit it big!!) :)

    • Thanks, Heather! I hope you enjoy your last Thanksgiving as a single woman!:) Your life has had quite the movie quality as well. All that moving from coast to coast! You’re an inspiration:)

  7. CR says:

    Did you watch Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade? It was beyond good. That channel warms my heart!

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