Cindy Vs. Boss (possible title “sh%t and boobs”

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eh…. it all started innocently enough. A co-worker wanted to show me the following YouTube video (rarely a good move at work, yet one I frequently make).

Us white kids had a great laugh.  Two more 20 something co-workers join in, behind my desk, staring at my screen. Half way through the video, a boss, and a pastor, who is most of all, black, decides he wants to know what all the fun is about.

PANICKED, I rushed to find other videos to pretend to be watching. Problem is, YouTube is now only recommending racial slur videos as options on the right side of my screen. I quickly clicked on the only non “n-word”  option…entitled…”shit and boobs” great, either.
About half way through trying to explain why we all thought this cinematic masterpiece I’m subjecting him to was funny to me, I notice my co-workers have left me alone,with a pastor, to watch a video, entitled shit and boobs.
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2 responses to “Cindy Vs. Boss (possible title “sh%t and boobs””

  1. Alyssa says:

    Cindy I was laughing so hard reading this to Jason…I’ve also had 2 glasses of wine. But funny stuff. You are like a sit com

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