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Red Flag of the Week

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Gold chains, silver chains, white gold chains, platinum chains, large chains, and small chains should be ditched.  Trust me, you aren’t pulling it off.  Everything may be all good and in the right place, but as soon as that bling peaks through your collar; it throws you into a category there is no coming back from.

p.s. I actually sat behind a guy who wore a bluetooth during a wedding ceremony this weekend…. He got nowhere with the bridesmaids.

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Red Flag of the Week

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Bluetooth in a Bar

Any time a guy tries to have a conversation with you while wearing a bluetooth, (outside of the car) ignore him.  Who is that important that they need to be reachable at every moment?   Answer: no one.  Which means he thinks he is, and that is a far greater problem.

Can you hear me now?


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Red Flag of the Week

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Acid Washed Jeans

Also known as light jeans, often have bonus features such as the hammer sling and extra pockets.  These are not your hipster urban outfitters jeans; think more, “Oh these? I think my mom picked them up at old navy a few years back, they are super comfortable.” A particularly foul line of these pants come in boot cut and feature pre-cut holes, fray, and sometimes even bedazzle.

You know what the midwest is? Young and restless


**Disclaimer: Red flags are not always deal breakers.  They mean to serve as a point in which you should stop and ask yourself, “Does this signify a deeper problem?”  Red flags are also limited to things people choose to do, not things in which they have no control over.

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