Book Club: Tiger Lily

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9704a9cf0c98fc22c047240f629e8b08Book club due date- March 15. Today’s date- March 26. I’m late. I’m sorry.

Let’s get going. I’m going to do 3 separate posts for the 3 books so people can comment and get a discussion going on the books individually. Please, please reach out and talk to each other! It’s the only way this will work.

Tiger Lily

Overall, I enjoyed the book, even though it was sad. Anderson sure has a knack for showing the slow build of a relationship; it’s delicate nature, and painful demise. I thought Tink’s ability to read minds may have been a cheater way to do things, but satisfying b/c it meant we could see what Peter was thinking. What girl hasn’t tried to overanalyze the head of her crush, boyfriend, husband etc? This was the window in we all wish we had!




7514925Takeaways and Questions for you:

(Respond and comment on any you want and throw out some of your own!)

1. Did you identify with Tiger Lily? I sure did. It was hard to read at times. Were all readers meant to relate to her, or did some of you feel more like a Moon Eye or a Wendy? How so?

2. What did you think about the interactions between females in the story? I thought Anderson fleshed out the painful and subtle side of female competition well. Interesting how they were all wishing they were more like the other girls.

3. Ch. 1 explains faeries are mute and therefore great listeners. “You turn your attention, not to babbling about yourself, broadcasting each and every thought to everyone within earshot- as people often do- but to observing. That’s how faeries became so empathic. “ Pg. 3

Great stuff…convicting.

4. In the story, people stopped aging, “When the most important thing that would ever happen to you triggered something inside that stopped you from moving forward.” Pg. 163.

Anderson goes on to bookend the concept during her description of Tiger Lily’s broken heart, “It is just that she was fifteen once for the first time, and Peter walked across her heart, and left his footprints there.” Pg. 290

Tink also believed Tiger Lily may have stopped aging the moment she was happy and at home on the mountain with Peter. I found the concept very relatable, did you? Do you find your life sort of stops in certain ways at crucial moments when big things happen, painful and joyful?

5. Pick a side. Are you team Peter or are you team Pine Sap, and why? Everyone should answer this one:) There is plenty to draw from to support your idea, particularly in the final chapter. …Heart wrenching.

6. Did you like Anderson’s overall take on love? I felt she made a case for romantic love, that it can stick with you for a lifetime, but it’s not necessarily the kind of love you will build your life on. This is neither good or bad, it just is.

She (Tiger Lily) said she thought there were different ways of loving someone, and there were some she used to think were the most important and now she had changed her mind.” Pg. 287

Agree? Disagree? Relate to this?

7. What did you make of the juxtaposition between Tiger Lily, a girl who had trouble trusting b/c of tragedy in her past, and Wendy, a girl who lived a charmed life and could love easily?

What did you make of Peter Pan’s choice? Is this how it is in real life? Case by case?? Did it anger you as it did me?

Have at it!

41j42Jom2BLBTW- our next fiction will be Where’d You Go, Bernadette My friend Brittany says it’s hilarious and I could use a laugh after this last one:) Let’s try and wrap it up by May 1. How cute is that cover?

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  1. CR says:

    OK so I was so planning on reading this book but I haven’t been reading much lately. However, I am already reading this months book- WYGB!!! SO I will for sure be partaking in next months conversation!!!

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