Bachelorette Survival Guide

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I went to three bachelorette parties in the last three weeks. Yes, you read that correctly.  (With two weddings in between. This is actually normal for me.)  Aside from being broke, tired, and incapable of friendly chit-chat for a while, I had a really great time.  Here’s how I survived:

1. Drive Yourself– if you can.  There’s something emotionally freeing about knowing you can leave if you have to.  I have very teeny tiny panic attacks when I can’t. Who’s with me?

2. Shop at Nordstrom’s Rack.  They have all the good lingerie for less and are nice about returns. I hate retail sobs.

3. Drink, but not too much.  The way I see it, I’m just a more enjoyable person when I have margarita or two, or three.  So really, I’m doing it for the bride.  Don’t get drunk. The hangover alone makes it not worth it. Additionally, see #1 and #6.

4. Buddy System.  Find a girl in the group who you can have fun with when the conversation turn to hours of breastfeeding, potty training, or selecting kitchen cabinet talk.  Which it will and you will want to kill yourself.  No buddy? See #3.

5. Opt for Wedges over Heels (if the venue allows. sometimes a girl has to suck it up).  Somehow you end up walking a million miles at these things no matter what the cutesy itinerary the maid of honor has printed up says.  Be prepared. It’s still a good idea to have some height since you’ll take  a million photos and don’t want to look stumpy. Maybe that’s just me.

6. Don’t Text. Not your ex. Not the new guy you had one date with.  Speaking from experience you’ll realize the next morning that a bachelorette party is still a poor excuse for crazy.

7. Speaking of- Steer Clear of the Crazy Friend.  Most bride’s have one (at least). Stick to the other side of the room, cab, booth whatever.

8. Pitch in for the Bride’s dinner and/or drinks at some point.  You’d be surprised how many girls politely ditch out on this at every turn.  C’mon… 

9. Carry Cash. Pack Advil. Drink Water. 

10. Enjoy the Night.  Aside from loving your friend getting married- one day, when our calendars are full of little league games, open houses, and Cookie Lee jewelry parties we will be begging to drink, dance, and be merry with a group of rowdy girls.

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13 responses to “Bachelorette Survival Guide”

  1. Alecia says:

    Thanks, Cindy, for making me laugh. (And in case I haven’t told you lately, you are really good at this.)

  2. jenni says:

    That was pretty funny!! Is that why girls were wedges? I still don’t understand the heels/wedge thing when you can wear tennis shoe, sandals and flats!! I guess I am just not short so I don’t get it…but tall girls wear them too!! Do girls think boys like them or do they just like them? :)

  3. Jody says:

    What about a guide to surviving the midday baby shower??

  4. Alecia says:

    Arrive late and leave early.

  5. Steph says:

    #6. Sentence 2.
    You didn’t….did you?!

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