A Girly Superbowl Sunday

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It’s the Super Bowl! My favorite. A day where everyone is busy doing something I couldn’t care less about, leaving me to enjoy the time all to myself:) Some years I go to parties for the food, drinks, and company. Since I can’t have the first two, I’m selfishly missing out on the third and enjoying my girl version of this American holiday.

On the Agenda:

  • Coffee
  • Downton Abbey Season 3 (I’m behind)
  • Pinterest
  • Blogging
  • Ikea Trip (I broke a lamp and I figure today’s odds are high that the crowds are low and I won’t want to take anyone out with my car)

What about you? Any fellow rebels out there with fun plans??

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4 responses to “A Girly Superbowl Sunday”

  1. CR says:

    Haha your Superbowl sounds amazing!!! I too only enjoy this day for the sheer sake of an excuse to bring people together. Super bowl is kind of like a 2nd birthday for my husband. I make lots of food and his favorite treats:)

    • cindyannjohnson says:

      You’re such a good wife! I’m sure it was super yummy! Next time, when I can eat human food, I’m crashing:)

  2. Alecia says:

    All of us should have gone to IKEA. My goodness, that was hard to watch! First time in a long time I’ve been grateful for commercials.

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